TARGET_SYSTEM: lexoffice

Lexoffice offers simple accounting and accounting programs, without any installation.

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How to connect to lexoffice

To allow your customers to link your application with their lexoffice account, you need to set up a lexoffice App and submit your application credentials to maesn.

Note that there are two versions of the lexoffice API: A Public API and a Partner API. The partner API has access to a wider range of endpoints and data than the public API and is the API you get access to through maesn..



Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

To get a lexoffice client configured, you need to establish contact with the lexoffice partner programme (see section below) and supply them the details of your integration including the scopes required.


Configure your integration in the maesn API

Next we configure your API tenant with your client’s details:

  • Get in touch with your contact person at maesn to submit the client id and client secret.

If you are not sure who your technical contact is, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via, but do not enter your client credentials directly in the email. That’s not safe!

Becoming a lexoffice Partner

To start using the lexoffice partner API through maesn, it is necessary to establish a direct relation with lexoffice and receive your client credentials from them.

All aspects of a lexoffice partnership, such as promoting your integration on their partner page, is discussed directly with lexoffice. More information about becoming a lexoffice partner and contact details can be found here (in German only).