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How to connect to sevDesk

As a customer of sevDesk, you can easily retrieve the API key used for connecting to your sevDesk accounting data.



Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • A sevDesk account with administrator permissions to retrieve the API key.

Retrieve the API key

Navigate to the sevDesk login page.

Log in to sevDesk using your account credentials and retrieve the API key.


maesn Connect setup

Paste your sevDesk API key in to the ‘API key’ field in maesn Connect and press ‘submit’. If the API key is valid, the connection will be established and a success message will be displayed.

Your sevDesk account is now connected!

Becoming a sevDesk Partner

Anyone can develop an integration and become a sevDesk technology partner. The requirements and steps to become a partner are detailed here (in German only).

Essentially, there is no approval process or registration required. Simply build the integration with maesn’s unified API and register for the sevDesk partner program once you have onboarded your first ten users.